Monday, April 29, 2013

The Secrets of First Class

1- Soaking eggplants after peeling in a bowl of water mixed with lots of lots salt prevents this delicious vegetable to not to absorb too much oil during frying.

2- Eggplants would decide how much oil they absorb, but the chef can decide how much of that oil they can keep: Lay down eggplants on a thick paper or clean fabric towel and change as long as you think the amount of grease you can take on eggplants.

3- Adding a few drops of lemon makes rice pilav brighter and whiter.

4- If you do not have time for making seperate kadayif pieces, just split the kadayif in two parts, lay down one part, sprinkle all the nuts and cover it with the second part and apply rest of the recipe. It will not look as impressive as twisted kadayif but have the same spectacular taste! 

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